Editoria demo (PubSweet community demos #2)

Jure Triglav May 5, 2020

Following the micropubs demo we showed you last time, we have a new demo from the PubSweet community: Editoria, a book production application. Its lead developer, Alexis, will guide you through this open-source application and the Wax text editor it uses:

For more information about Editoria, you can check out the project’s website and also its code. It’s built with the PubSweet open source publishing framework and developed by Coko’s Alexis Georgantas. For more information on this platform or if you would like Coko to build your publishing platform then please contact Coko Founder Adam Hyde (adam@coko.foundation).

Design Facilitation : Adam Hyde (Coko)
Design Team: Julien Taquet (Coko), CDL, UCP, Book Sprints, Atla, Punctum Books (and more!)
Developers: Alexis Georgantas (Coko), Giannis Kopanas (Coko), Christos Kokosias (Coko), Wendell Piez (Coko), Alex Theg (Coko), Yannis Barlas (Coko)

Stay tuned for more!

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