Editoria 1.5 Released

Jun 9, 2021

We are happy to announce a new release of Editoria – version 1.5. This release supports the introduction of JavaScript transformations for creating PDF and EPUB at export time.

Using Editoria 1.5 designers can provide scripts (Javascript) that perform specific transformations on the HTML created by Editoria at export time. These scripts can either target the export process to EPUB format or the export process to PDF.

For security reasons the scripts should be uploaded by the sysadmin/hosting provider of the Editoria server. At this point, all the available scripts will then be be found in the Templates user interface:

Finally, multiple scripts can be selected per export Template. At this moment users can also to decide in which order these scripts will be executed.

This is a highly innovative new feature that will enable book designers to manipulate the output of the EPUB and PDF via custom scripts. This enables Editoria to not only handle extremely complex layouts, but it also opens the door to innovative and experimental design experiments.