Coko’s new logo!

Aug 2, 2019

You may have noticed recently we have updated the website. We simplified its structure and made Coko easier to understand. This is part of an incremental process of moving our identity forward.

To this end, we are also updating our branding. We will slowly migrate our name from Collaborative Knowledge Foundation/ Coko to just Coko. It is what everyone calls us, and we feel it is who we are. It’s a friendly, almost informal way of referring to us, both as an organisation and as a community, and we like it.

Along with this, the Coko logo has been updated, and we are happy to be presenting it here for the first time. Our branding guru and longtime friend of Coko Henrik van Leeuwen has once again done something special. Julien Taquet added finishing touches. Here it is!

The logo is what you make it to be. Is it a network diagram? A dandelion? A sunburst? A community? It is what you make it. Just like Coko.

We have also chosen a playful approach to how it is used. While the image and text have a specific application, and the Coko colors remain the same, how the colors are applied to the logo and text will change according to whimsy.

And it can work in black and white…

.. and in various arrangements…


The logo is made by a friend of Coko; the text made with an Open Source font; the use of color is whimsical and fun, and the image is what you want it to be. It all reflects who Coko is. The organic upgrade is also a reflection of strength in a natural, moving whole, which we feel reflects the power of community and Coko’s central value.

We’re rolling this out over the coming weeks across our website and onward.

We love the new logo and we hope you do too.  For us, it symbolises that we are human, connected, and above all, we are a sustainable network that will continue to proliferate, change, and grow organically. We are Coko.