Coko at FORCE2018

The Coko team and community were delighted to participate in FORCE2018 in Montreal last week. The team co-hosted a rapid publication workshop; Kristen delivered a keynote presentation; and Adam and Community Member Andrew Smeall of Hindawi Limited delivered a community talk; Alison co-hosted a contributor recognition workshop; discussing a variety of topics over the course of the week. We are delighted to meet so many engaged individuals across the community, who are looking to challenge the publishing status quo.


Publishing Precursors: datapubs, nanopubs, minipub, micropubs and more


Lightning talks from a dozen projects working on everything from datapubs to micropubs to collaborative research platforms. Then we broke up into teams to work on the common challenges for new and nontraditional publishing channels, such as gaining adoption, infrastructure, and sustainability models. We welcome signups for more information on this topic here.


CRediT: Discussing next steps


Alison, in collaboration with Dublin City University’s Mohammad Hosseini and UC Davis’ Cory Craig, facilitated CRediT: Discussing next steps, a workshop on contributor recognition. The session included focus on CRediT’s origins and purpose, publisher adoption and implementation status and best practices, flexibility of role display in published output, an update on integration within submission and peer review systems, ethical issues and future directions. Within our xPub community, eLife has is collecting contributor roles, and others are showing interest. Stay tuned for more on CRediT by visiting and participate by joining the program committee!


Learning from the enemy: building a successful open science movement from the rubble of today


Open science is making progress but not quickly enough. We are currently a large set of different initiatives that don’t always coordinate well and sometimes work at cross purposes. To gain more momentum, we need to form a movement and unite behind clear and shared goals. You can find Kristen’s full keynote slides here.


Open Source for Open Access: Growing a Cross-Publisher Technology Community

Community talk

Andrew Smeall presented about the positive multiplying effect the Coko community has had on their development efforts. In just under 9 months Hindawi was able to develop a journal platform that is now in production. Following from this Adam Hyde did a brief presentation promoting the PubSweet book.