Hindawi Limited & Coko Announce Partnership

Coko Foundation Staff Oct 4, 2017

Building Momentum, Building Community with PubSweet fueled platforms

Today is another big news day for Coko. This morning, Hindawi Limited announced a partnership with Coko to build open-source solutions that manage content and workflow from initial authoring through manuscript submission, peer review, and production.

This is the goal and promise of the PubSweet technology framework: to create modern, digital-first technologies that improve the speed of research.

But for both Hindawi and Coko, this isn’t just about the speed or the flexibility that an open source solution built on PubSweet’s modular technology can provide. (Though, these are clearly of critical importance within the research communication chain.)

Our shared work is also about community — working in collaboration to provide the research and scientific community better tools and platforms for the publication and broad dissemination of research.

Andrew Smeall, Hindawi’s Head of Strategic Projects, calls this sentiment out explicitly in today’s announcement:

Current publishing platforms… aren’t designed to respond quickly to community needs. With PubSweet, we’ll be collaborating to create an open foundation upon which the science community can build for the future.”

We are delighted to have Hindawi as a key partner, joining Coko’s journal publishing community which includes eLife, the University of California Press and the California Digital Library. With a portfolio of over 300 journals across all areas of Science and Medicine, Hindawi Limited is one of the world’s largest publishers of peer-reviewed, open access journals and a demonstrated leader in the OA community.

Hindawi plans to deploy its PubSweet solution on select journals in 2018. Coko is facilitating a collaborative product design process to ensure the solutions we build meet the needs of the broader community of journal publishers who can elect to adopt the full technology suite or just one or two modules to create their own custom solutions depending on user needs.

Strong partnerships and open source solutions can transform research communication. We’re eager to get started. As with all our efforts, we will post updates here and throughout our channels.

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