Coko & eLife partner on first PubSweet fueled journals submission & peer-review platform

Coko Foundation Staff Sep 22, 2017

Earlier this week, eLife announced a partnership with Coko to build an open source solution for submission, peer review and processing of manuscripts. The limitations of the currently available systems are substantial. We both believe there’s a better way — an open source solution that draws on our collective knowledge and experience as publishers and platform developers.  

Giuliano Maciocci, eLife’s Head of Product, put it beautifully:

“The tasks of submitting and reviewing a manuscript should not be difficult, and any time spent on the administration of these processes could be better spent on ensuring the quality of the research itself.

We are excited to embark on this journey with eLife — an innovative partner that has a track record of building and supporting a range of open source technologies and experimenting in evolving editorial process as well as the published article. This work is directly in line with Coko’s overarching goal to develop modern, digital-first technologies that improve the speed of research.

Coko will facilitate a collaborative product design process with early adopters such as eLife to ensure this technology meets the needs of the broader community of journal publishers. Using the PubSweet framework will enable publishers to adopt the full suite or just one or two modules to create their own custom solutions depending on user needs.

As with everything we under take, our development process will be wholly transparent. All code and documentation will be shared from the earliest stages, offering the publishing community the ability to participate on many different levels.

This is exciting news for Coko. It’s even better news for scholarly communication. And we’re eager to get started. As the project takes shape and work begins in earnest, we will post updates here and throughout our channels.

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