Co-designing OA Publishing Infrastructures in Africa Workshop

Jun 12, 2020

We are very happy to announce the first in a series of four workshops on Co-Designing Open Access Infrastructures. These meetings are particularly focused on Africa and organized by the West and Central African Research and Education Network (WACREN), EIFL and Coko.

In the first meeting we intend to introduce everyone, and then to conduct a high level audit of the tools and needs of participants working in the Open Access environment. This includes:

  • Needs assessment for OA scholarly publishing in Africa
  • Open source tools and services for publishing books, journals and textbooks
  • Training and support needs

This series of workshops is open to anyone. Details of the first workshop is as follows:

Date and time: 24 June, 9:00 UTC

To register: Click here to register:…

The four meetings were originally scheduled to take place in a side event in January of this year in the now cancelled WACREN 2020 conference. The next three meetings will take place in July, August, and September (dates to be confirmed), and will focus on:

  • Identifying areas for collaborations around shared free and open source OA publishing infrastructure,
  • Designing training and support programmes and
  • Framing the Coalition for Open Access Publishing Infrastructures in Africa: tools, training, hosting, and advice.