INK job manager posts

Step by step: More on what’s new in Ink 1.0

INK’s mission is to automate of a lot of publishing tasks from file conversion, entity extraction, format validation, enrichment and more. It allows publishing staff to set up and manage these processes through an easy-to-use web interface and by leveraging shared open-source converters, validators, extractors etc. In the INK world, all of these individual converters/validators…

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Ink 1.0 is here!

The Collaborative Knowledge Foundation is pleased to announce the release of INK 1.0. It’s an exciting milestone for us: After almost a year of development, INK has grown from a scribble on a bit of paper to a fully fledged, production-ready framework ready to automate some of the tricky and time-consuming aspects of document and content…

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INK client upgrade

As INK starts to move from a proof-of-concept prototype to a production system, we’re continually making changes to make its functionality relevant, usable and demonstratively useful. Recently, our focus has been improving the user experience around waiting for processing. We wanted users to be aware of what is going on while files are processing in a…

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