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Interview with JMax

One picturesque afternoon in May, I had the pleasure of sitting down with John Maxwell in his office at Simon Fraser University. We chatted about digital publishing’s past, the present and possible future. And because I knew it would be super interesting, I recorded it as our first then experimental Cokocast. Now, in celebration of…

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Who is Coko? : Meet Christos.

In the latest of our Who is Coko? series I talk to the wonderful Christos Kokosias. Christos has been working with Coko for 3 years. Almost since the beginning! He started working on Editoria but is now our word processor guru. Christos built Wax 1 and is currently working on the vastly improved wax 2….

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The Nice Captain. An interview with Jure.

“I thought I wouldn’t be able to be a facilitator because I have strong opinions of my own, and the role of the facilitator is to dissolve into the curtains and let others decide things, but I enjoy it now and I think its the most valuable thing that I do for PubSweet.” Continuing our…

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