What if you could design your publishing workflow, defined by your own needs?

PubSweet is a free, open source toolkit for building state-of-the-art publishing platform. It’s been designed to be modular and flexible to let you configure any aspect of it. To turn this ideal into a real thing, Pubsweet is made of modules that you can choose, configure, adapt, and even extend to fit your own needs.

In June 2018, representatives of Coko, Hindawi, eLife and EBI, spent three days together to write a book about PubSweet. Topics include what it is, what it can do, and how it can be used to design publishing workflows and build the platforms to support those processes.

While the book covers the technical approaches behind PubSweet, it also describes how Hindawi, eLife or EBI are using Pubsweet to build the tools to match the publishing workflow they’re building in their organizations.  It’s also one of the best starting points to join the Pubsweet adventure.

You can download the book here:

As a pdf

As an epub

Table of contents

1. Introduction to PubSweet

What is PubSweet?

Examples of platforms built with PubSweet

Before you jump: things to know up front


2. Platform Design

Designing workflow

PubSweet, workflow and workspaces

Workflow Sprints

eLife case study

Hindawi case study

Europe PMC case study

A general model


3. Technical Architecture

Architecture overview

Why did we choose our technical stack?


4. Getting started with PubSweet

Install PubSweet and set up an app

Configuring a PubSweet app


5. PubSweet Components

What are components?

How do you create a component?

How do you use components?

6. Authorization and Permissions

Why Authsome?

How to use Authsome

7. Theming

Using themes with PubSweet

Advanced theming

8. Deployment

Deployment essentials

CI/CD pipeline

9. Development Help

Where can I ask questions?

How can I debug?

Contributing to PubSweet


10. The Future

Where are we going now?


The book was written by Yannis Barlas (Coko), Bogdan Cochior (Hindawi), Nick Duffield (eLife), Samuel Galson (eLife), Yuci Gou (EBI), Audrey Hamelers (EBI), Peter Hooper (eLife), Adam Hyde (Coko), Christos Kokosias (Coko), Tamlyn Rhodes (eLife), Paul Shannon (eLife), Julien Taquet (Coko), Alex Theg (Coko), and Jure Triglav (Coko).

This book was written during a Booksprint in Cambridge UK in june 2018, facilitated by Barbara Rühling, Raewyn Whyte did the copy edit, Henrik Van Leuween designed the cover and Agathe Baëz designed and produced the book.

The book is licenced CC-BY-SA.