Travel the long and winding road to PubSweet

Jul 18, 2017

Ever wonder how open-source projects go from an idea on the back of a napkin to something you can use and contribute to?

As the Coko Foundation puts the finishing touches on PubSweet 1.0 — and we’d love your comments on future developments, too — co-founder Adam Hyde takes you on journey back to 2007.

It winds from San Francisco to New Zealand to Berlin and back again, involves the skills and input from multiple folks along the way and elements from building seven or eight previous publishing systems (depending on how you count it!)

“After looking back at all these systems, when we started Coko I realized that the idea of independent ‘spaces’ for publishing workflows had a heap of currency,” Hyde says. “How many systems do I have to build with baked-in dashboards, task managers, editors, table of content managers, before realizing it doesn’t make sense to do this over and over?”

Hyde was motivated to push these ideas forward in part to keep from building them repeatedly. The two main perks from this approach are that a framework boosts the number of systems built (and quickly amplifies improvements) and opens the door for others to innovate — and here we arrive at PubSweet.

“If we’re successful at building community, this will be a huge contribution to the publishing sector,” he says. Stay tuned for more on what’s new in the 1.0 release and check out the full story of the PubSweet journey on his blog.