Aperture Neuro Celebrates One Year Anniversary By Launching on Kotahi

Oct 22, 2021

Aperture Neuro, (previously Aperture), is excited to announce its first published work using Kotahi and Flax (two open source Coko Community products)!

It has been one year since Aperture Neuro, the new open-access publishing platform powered by the Organization for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM), officially opened for submissions. In that time, 20 Research Objects have been submitted and reviewed, and four of those have already been accepted for publication.

Now, in time for the first anniversary, OHBM is presenting Aperture Neuro’s first published work, “Evaluating the reliability of human brain white matter tractometry,” – now available to access and download. The article looks beautiful! Stay tuned for more published works coming soon. 

The presentation of this first Aperture Nero article on Kotahi is something we at Coko are very proud of. The OHBM team are friends since a long time and we have enjoyed a very productive collaboration with them. While the Novel Coronavirus Research Compendium is the first to use Kotahi in production (since some months) to rapidly review COVID 19 preprints, Aperture is the first Journal to use Kotahi in production. We are proud of this launch and we wish our friends at Aperture Neuro all the best for the future of their publishing!

For more information about Kotahi contact Coko Founder Adam Hyde (adam@coko.foundation)

More About Kotahi

Kotahi is a modern scholarly publishing platform. It is 100% open source and community driven. For more information please see these two following items (the Kotahi website and a Kotahi White Paper):