Announcing XSweet 1.0

Coko is thrilled to announce the release of XSweet 1.0, a open source suite of XSL tools for transforming the contents of MS Word into HTML and beyond. XSweet was developed to enable the transformation of Word documents (.docx) into digital objects for web publication and improvement. There are many benefits to moving content from MS Word into HTML as early in the editing/publishing process as possible:

  • Avoid versioning problems and delays in editing/revising that come from passing static files back and forth
  • Once editing is complete, work is instantly ready to publish, without delays and errors in production
  • Correct semantic structure can be added to your document, for easy export in a variety of formats

The XSweet pipeline is highly configurable and extensible, reflecting the complex and varied nature of publishing workflows. Features include:

  • Tools for representing .docx files as ready-to-publish HTML (XSweet Core)
  • Additional enhancements, including heading recognition, copyediting cleanups, plain-text URL linking, and more (HTMLevator)
  • Transformations for importing content into a WYSIWYG word processor for in-browser editing, styling, and collaboration (Editoria Typescript)
  • Robust documentation

You can read more about XSweet’s features, story, and how to run it (we recommend using INK) on the XSweet website.

This release is a product of the sustained efforts from Wendell Piez, Adam Hyde, and Alex Theg, and represents an MVP offering of ready-to-use tools. XSweet will continue to be actively developed, so stay tuned for new features and improvements. As with all of our projects, contributions to improve XSweet are welcomed! Here’s how to contribute.

About the Author

Alex Theg

Alex is a Jr. Developer and Process Manager with Coko. He comes from a leading open access journal publisher, where he developed an interest in addressing some of the challenges caused by current publishing and content management systems.
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