Announcing EnableOA

Jan 25, 2021

Announcing EnableOA
– A collaboration with Amnet to assist Open Access Publishers

Coko has been building some significant partnerships since mid 2019. Today we are proud to announce EnableOA, an outcome of one of these collaborations with publishing services provider Amnet.

EnableOA is an exciting new initiative to bring professional hosting and publishing services to the Open Access world via Cokos open source platforms Editoria and Kotahi. This is a very important new evolution in the world of OA which traditionally has been lacking best of breed, modern, open source infrastructure and professional publishing services. This partnership brings both to Open Access and we are looking forward to working with Amnet in the months and years to come to help publishers publish content faster and cheaper while retaining the high quality productions they expect.

The following is the Press Release from Amnet. If you would like to learn more emails are located at the bottom of the article!

Press Release

The Amnet and Coko Foundation partnership has paved the way for EnableOA: an open access publishing platform for the scholarly community. It is a comprehensive framework with a slew of modular and smart features that allow customization of the platform to best suit the publishing requirements of a user. The platform is designed to reduce publishing cost and time while supporting greater collaboration, research and development integrity, distribution, and transparency.

Open access has been an incredible step toward making scholarly publication easily accessible that not only benefits the scholarly community but also the wider society. As part of this launch, Amnet is releasing ReachOA, powered by Kotahi (a full-featured OA publishing platform that can simplify and optimize end-to-end publishing) and BookOA, powered by Editoria (a web-based book editing and production tool that allows entire publishing life cycle workflow management through an intuitive interface). Publishers will now have the flexibility to manage end-to-end publishing processes for a range of publications including journals, books, articles, and more through these interfaces.

Open web-based interfaces can be easily integrated with other services and external publishing platforms, making it easy to index and distribute publications across the network. With the launch of this platform, the intention is to advance the adoption of open access publishing by simplifying workflow management and content distribution. By publishing content using this platform, users can improve indexing, discoverability, and accessibility while driving greater impact and extending their reach to the broadest audiences. With the Amnet-Coko partnership, publishers can expand their reach, optimize costs, and enhance their publications.

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With 20 years of experience, Amnet provides technology-led, end-to-end services and solutions for publishers and content aggregators needing reliable and efficient publishing and accessibility services.

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