Announcement: Kotahi Selected for Eko-Konnect Pilot

We’re delighted to announce that Kotahi has been selected as part of an exciting pilot scheme with Eko-Konnect, the Research and Education Network based in Lagos, Nigeria.

Kotahi is a community-built, state-of-the-art scholarly publishing system designed to improve how research is produced and shared. It’s purpose-built to encourage innovation and inspire new ways of creating micropubs, publishing journals and preprints, writing reviews and pretty much everything else you need from a publishing system.

The Kotahi community is looking forward to introducing a new wave of scholars, scientists and publishers from Nigeria to its flexible, modern publishing platform. And we’d like to say a big thank you to WACREN for making it happen.

Omo Oaiya is Chief Strategy Officer at WACREN, the West and Central African Research and Education Network. He started the LIBSENSE initiative in 2016 to improve the landscape for open science communities in Africa and push for broader adoption of open infrastructure. He says:

WACREN is working with Eko-Konnect on this pilot to demonstrate a national use case for open infrastructure, from top to bottom. We are evaluating the use of Kotahi as the platform for the publishing side.

“I met Adam Hyde a while ago, and we ran through the design processes to determine requirements as part of LIBSENSE activities in the AfricaConnect3 project.  I’m looking forward to getting started with the implementation. The big idea for Eko-Konnect with this pilot is to fuel the nationwide conversations the REN is having with the policymakers and stakeholder groups who need the infrastructure.

We’re thrilled to play a role in this exciting project and help make the case for more open and collaborative science in Africa. Having spent time chatting about open publishing and optimal workflows with Omo in the past, we know we share similar thinking on the benefits of open publishing and infrastructure. The pilot is also a great opportunity to bring more good people into the Kotahi community, share knowledge and ideas, and continue meeting the needs of journal editors, publishers, researchers, librarians and more.

Watch this space for more details, coming soon!

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