Announcement: Coko Celebrates Extended Support From eLife!

Major news alert! We are thrilled and honored to announce that Coko has secured financial support from eLife for a further year…

eLife is a forward-thinking publishing provider with a vision to help scientists accelerate discovery through open technologies, tools and processes. It is a founding member of the PubSweet community, and we’ve enjoyed a productively creative relationship working together on open platforms over the years. 

In 2020, eLife joined a growing number of generous organisations contributing funds to make PubSweet possible. Its latest investment will help focus the development of Kotahi, the open source scholarly publishing platform built on PubSweet that aims to improve publishing workflows. 

This is a huge step towards fulfilling Kotahi’s potential as a modern, open publishing system that benefits everyone, and we’re excited to start sharing the fruits of this partnership with the world. eLife’s ongoing support is also a further sign of confidence in Coko, validating that this growing, vibrant community is making valuable contributions to the open publishing ecosystem. 

eLife’s Paul Shannon says: 

“Most peer-review management systems are built specifically for the review of manuscripts submitted to journals. But in the digital age, and with preprints growing in popularity, Kotahi offers an adaptable way for organisations like eLife and the NCRC to optimise their workflows for managing the peer review of preprints and publishing those reviews publicly.

“We are thrilled to continue our partnership with Coko and collaborate together on Kotahi. This is a great evolution in the work we’ve been doing with the organisation over the last four years.

“The idea that Kotahi’s permissive, rather than prescriptive, approach means that many organisations can use it and adapt their processes for the publication of preprint reviews without major changes to the software is a concept that was discussed at various PubSweet meetings back in 2018. It’s great to see these ideas come to fruition to support this new, innovative way of providing peer review.”

We’re excited to continue nurturing our partnership with eLife. It gives the Coko and Kotahi communities a great platform for progression and illustrates the benefits of open publishing communities collaborating, partnering and sustaining each other to push the field forward.

Lots more exciting news to come, so please watch this space! 

Need to know more about Kotahi? Contact:

Kotahi was formerly known as simpleJ as a part-time project based on the 1+1 design methodology. In 2020 we brought the platform to maturity and changed the name to Kotahi after Coko Founder Adam Hyde reached out to local iwi for permission to use the word. Kotahi means ‘unified’ in Māori. We are grateful to iwi for allowing us to use the term.