We facilitate the scholarly communications sector to take control of their infrastructure

We facilitate research communication organizations and institutions to take control of their infrastructure needs and empower them to work together, producing shared solutions for knowledge creation, production and sharing.

Coko was initially funded through our Founder Adam Hyde’s Shuttleworth Fellowship. Later we received funding through the generosity of the The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and the Laura and John Arnold Foundation. Coko’s community includes leading publishers and research communication providers such as eLife Sciences, Hindawi, the University of California Press, Wormbase, and EuropePMC.


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    Adam Hyde

    Coko Founder

    Adam brings publishing and technical leadership as well as pioneering insights into collaborative knowledge production methods and technologies. Adam was awarded the 2015, 2016 and 2017 Shuttleworth Fellowship from which he provided the original seed funding for Coko.

    Adam has 30 years of business experience in non-profit and for profit environments, his first position as a CEO was at age 23. Adam has over 12 years of experience in innovative publishing processes and technologies and has been embedded in the publishing industry for almost 10 years. He is also very well known for his facilitation skills having founded Book Sprints and the Workflow Sprint method for optimizing publishing workflows.

    Adam has also received the New Zealand Open Source Community award, and is frequently asked to present at publishing, technology, and open source events alike.

    Drop Adam a note at: adam@coko.foundation

  • wagnerbw

    Patricia Wagner

    Events and Merchandise

    Patricia co-ordinates our events and the design and production of our merchandise. Patricia was born in Germany but grew up in Chile, where she studied advertising. 10 years ago Patricia returned to Germany to live in Berlin to finish fashion design studies at the Universität der Künste. Her work is divided between art, screen printing, graffiti, graphic design and fashion design. A passionate illustrator who always seeks to introduce her own style into her work which is bright, colorful and methodical.

    Patricia has worked with different artistic residencies and social projects in Portugal and recently has been working as location manager for a social enterprise that runs Germany´s biggest pop-up events for second hand clothes.

    Contact Patricia at: patricia@coko.foundation

  • alexis

    Alexis Georgantas

    Editoria Developer

    Alexis is a full stack engineer. He joined Coko as a frontend engineer in order to contribute to the development of PubSweet components. Since then Alexis has been appointed the lead developer on Editoria and leads the development on the community Feature Proposal process. Alexis knows Editoria and book production systems inside out and recently rebuilt the entire Editoria platform in less than 5 months.

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    Anne Erika Schmidt

    Exec Assistant and Logistics

    Anne has been the executive assistant of Coko founder Adam Hyde since 2018. Anne also manages projects at Book Sprints. Before she joined the team she was a research associate in the field of art history at Humboldt University Berlin. She also worked at different NGO´s in the social field where she was in charge for project management and finance.

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    Giannis Kopanas

    Editoria Developer

    Giannis is a full stack engineer with more than ten years of experience in Web Applications. Giannis built the xpub-collabra journal platform on PubSweet, and now works with Alexis on Editoria.

  • jure

    Jure Triglav

    PubSweet Lead Developer & Facilitator

    Jure is a medical doctor who, near the end of his studies, became more interested in software development, specifically the role it plays in enabling free access to important bits of information. Jure has over 8 years of experience being an open science software developer, having worked for various organisations in this space since 2011. Jure joined Coko in September 2015 as a developer tasked with building a component-based framework - PubSweet. Since then he has grown to become the lead for the PubSweet project, as well as an experienced community facilitator.

    Jure writes about his interests (research software, search engines for scholarly literature, text editors, space, and many others) on his personal blog linked below, feel free to check it out!

    You can drop Jure a note at: jure@coko.foundation

    Jure's Personal Blog
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    Raewyn Whyte

    PubSource and Copy Editing

    Raewyn is our copy editor, and manages the PubSource news items. Raewyn Whyte is an editor, indexer, and dance critic who writes for web and print. She is also s a teacher and writing coach, workshop and seminar leader. Her editing experience ranges from compiling and editing quarterly newsletters and magazines, academic support services for textbooks, dissertations, grant applications and journal submissions; government documents; to copy editing and proofreading of collaboratively written books. Raewyn is also a remote copy editor for Book Sprints Limited and the dance editor for the New Zealand performing arts archive Theatreview.


    Yannis Barlas

    Micropublications Developer

    Yannis has many years experience developing full stack applications. Yannis is working on the rapid and robust development of front end components for PubSweet including those used by the Editoria platform. He now currently works on a Micropublications platform.

Coko Advisory Board

As part of our commitment to being community-driven, we have a board of advisors that help inform Coko’s current and future directions. The board is convened at least once annually.

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    Alison McGonagle-O'Connell


    Alison worked for Coko until recently and now joins both our Advisory Board and the Editoria Advisory Group. We are delighted to be working with Alison in this capacity going forward.

  • charrlie

    Charlie Ablett

    Senior Backend Engineer, GitLab

    Charlie used to work as lead dev on the INK project which we started in 2016 and completed in 2018. We feel extremely proud Charlie has agreed to return and lend her vast experience as a developer to the Coko thinking.

  • heidi

    Heidi Erceg

    Director Titoki Consulting. Business consultant and strategist for both companies and non-profits.

    Heidi has worked in radio in the highly competitive New Zealand market and moved on to strategic consultancy at the highest levels of commerce in New Zealand. Heidi brings strategic wisdom and advice to the Coko Advisory Board.

  • round_head_jc

    John Chodacki

    Director, University of California Curation Center (UC3) at California Digital Library

    John was there at the beginning of Coko and helped shaped the original idea. We are happy he stays with us!

  • karien-bezuidenhout

    Karien Bezuidenhout

    Director, Shuttleworth Foundation

    Long time friend of Coko, the Shuttleworth Foundation provided the first seed funding for Coko based on Founder Adam Hyde's Fellowship.

  • pb_asilomar_2475_400x400

    Peter Brantley

    Director of Online Strategy, University of California Davis Library

    Peter Brantley is well known in publishing as the founder of the very important Books in Browsers conference series and the Read2.0 list.

  • Tim_O'Reilly_-_PayPal_X_Innovate_2009_-_4

    Tim O’Reilly

    Founder and CEO, O’Reilly Media

    Tim O'Reilly is well known within publishing and tech circles. Tim has been very generous with his time providing great feedback on Cokos' strategic direction.

  • WassermanHeadshot-MedRez

    Tony Wasserman

    Professor of Software Management Practice, Carnegie Mellon, Silicon Valley, & Executive Director, Center for Open Source Investigation

    Tony has been involved in so many interesting and foundational open source projects, and we are honored to have his voice added to the Coko Advisory Board.