About the Collaborative Knowledge Foundation

At the Collaborative Knowledge Foundation (Coko), we create community-owned open infrastructure for research communication that fosters collaboration, increases transparency and enables the production and dissemination of knowledge at greater speed.

We activate members of the research publishing and library communities to take control of their infrastructure needs and empowers them to work together, producing shared solutions for Books (Editoria), Journals (xPub) and Micropublications.

Coko is funded through the generosity of the Shuttleworth Foundation, The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, and the Arnold Foundation. Coko partners with leading publishers and research communication providers such as eLife, Hindawi, the University of California Press, Wormbase, and EuropePMC.

History & Mission

At Coko we are focused on building open source solutions for academic publishing that foster collaboration, integrity, and speed. We also work towards building community with the recognition that transformation of research publishing is only possible through collaboration. Kristen Ratan, our Co-Founder, has 20 years of experience developing new technology, leading strategic innovations, and building community in the publishing industry. Kristen was most recently the Publisher at the Public Library of Science (PLOS). She has held board positions with the Society for Scholarly Publishing, and Crossref. Co-Founder Adam Hyde,  is the technical lead for the project and was awarded the 2015 Shuttleworth Fellowship with the goal of building PubSweet. He has led development of several open source publishing tools including Booki, Lexicon, Objavi, and BookJS. Adam has 20 years of experience working with open source software and eight years focusing solely on developing innovative web-based collaborative publishing software.