2020 Update #9 Editoria receives additional two-year funding commitment from Mellon

Mar 9, 2020

The Collaborative Knowledge Foundation (Coko), together with its fiscal sponsor, Aspiration, are proud to announce we have received a two-year grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation enabling the continued development of the technology and community surrounding Editoria.

Editoria is a browser-based book production workflow system that has been built using open source technology. Editoria was originally conceived as a monograph production system, though today, the features can support the production of OA Monographs, trade-oriented titles, reports, and recently work has begun on supporting faculty to easily structure and author open textbooks and OER materials.

This grant supports the next two years of the project, enabling the Coko team to develop a community-driven sustainability model with the first priority of researching community sustainability models and proposing possible paths. The grant also supports Editoria development for 2 years and the hiring of a new community manager.

“We have carefully facilitated the Editoria Community to speak for themselves in the past 8-12 months and this support from Mellon will enable us to further empower the community to take ownership of their own infrastructure,” commented Coko Founder and Editoria PI Adam Hyde, who has built multiple books workflow support systems during his prolific career. “I’m super proud of our small but fantastic community. It has been a difficult road at times, but we have become stronger as a result. Mellon’s support feels like recognition of our success as a whole, and we humbly thank Mellon for continuing to support the community in its development, and this very ambitious project.”

About Coko

Coko activates members of the research, publishing and library communities to take control of their infrastructure needs and empowers them to work together, producing shared solutions for Books, Journals. Content Aggregation platforms, and Micropublications – as well as healthy communities to sustain them.

Coko is supported by the generosity of The Shuttleworth Foundation, The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, as well as through earned income and community contributions. Coko partners with leading publishers and research communication providers including eLife, Hindawi, Digital Science, Punctum, Atla, UCP, Wormbase, Open Textbook Network, and EuropePMC, among others.