2020 Update #8: Catch up with Adam in Australia!

Coko Founder Adam Hyde will pack up his bag and head for Melbourne, Australia from September 14-15 to participate in the ISMTE Asia Pacific Meeting as Keynote Speaker. As Adam is a New Zealand native, this engagement is particularly special as it brings him back to the region he calls home to talk about a subject near and dear to his heart: open source collaboration. The meeting’s theme is “Evolving Trends in Scholarly Publishing,” and of course, open source and collaborative workflows are examples of persistent and evolving trends.

The meeting was originally scheduled for March, but due to the ongoing devastating wildfires occurring in the region, and the related disruption experienced moving about the country, the ISMTE Board of Directors chose to reschedule to September.

“We are so excited that Adam will present at ISMTE Asia Pacific this year,” said Erin Landis, President of the ISMTE Board of Directors. “He is an innovator and has been tireless in educating the scholarly communications sector on best practice open source. We are thrilled to share his work with our community.”

Hyde is also the founder and chair of the board at Book Sprints, which recently donated funds to support the World Wildlife Fund in Australia after reviewing many other relief efforts and feeling especially supportive of the WWF’s sustainable and holistic approach to restoration within the Australian ecosystem.

“I’ve been working to diversify the locations in which I participate in meetings,” said Hyde. “We are very geographically diverse as a core Coko team, and it’s time we added community from all across the world, too. Talking to the ISMTE delegates in Australia is a privilege and I’m very much looking forward to it.”