2020 Update #7 Announcing Cabbage Tree Labs

This week we are proud to announce the launch of Cabbage Tree Labs.

Cabbage Tree Labs is a home for publishing projects critical for the wider publishing ecosystem. To move publishing of all types forward we must first get publishing ‘into the web’.

Currently the lab is fostering the development of three critical pieces of this puzzle that look after getting out of MS Word and into the web (XSweet), producing/editing content in the web (Wax) and finally, getting out of the web into paginated print ready PDF (Paged.js). All forms of publishing – scholarly journals and monographs, trade, white papers, documentation, rapid content production methods, policy (etc) – can benefit from these tools.

The lab is a safe harbor for the ongoing development of these technologies and communities. It’s also a home for an international group of publishing experts to work on problems they are passionate about.

The lab is established independently of Coko in the hope of attracting collaboration from a wider ecosystem, beyond publishing, and with an eye to creating a safe, neutral space for publishing platform providers to collaborate on these important key components. This way, organizations that might otherwise see themselves as competition to Coko can more easily find the opportunity to collaborate on Wax, Paged.js, and XSweet is palatable.

In addition, moving Wax and XSweet, formerly Coko products, to the Lab, means that Coko can focus on what it does best – building PubSweet, publishing platforms, and community.

Cabbage Tree Labs is initially funded by the Shuttleworth Foundation through Adam Hyde’s Shuttleworth Fellowship. The Lab is fiscally sponsored by Aspiration and all software is 100% open source, always, forever.