2020 update #6 : Announcing the Open Publishing Awards 2020

Feb 17, 2020

We are delighted to announce that the Open Publishing Awards, the first awards to celebrate open in publishing, are back for 2020! Look for us on the program at FORCE 2020 in San Sebastian, Spain.

In 2019, we put together the awards – submission process, website, judging panel, process, and event all inside three months! We had no idea if we would get 10 submissions, and we received over 200.

There were many amazing projects nominated and those that received recognition were astonishingly good. In addition, the night itself was a great community celebration of openness in publishing.

It is on the heels of this success that we are motivated to begin work on the 2020 Awards.

We will open up nominations imminently so that there is longer than one month for you to ponder, prepare, and submit projects and content you want to see recognized. Give love to your fav open publishing project and nominate them when the nominations open! Announcement soon!

Stay tuned to the Coko news channels (here and tweeter) and the Open Publishing Awards site for more information. More news soon!