2020 Update #3: Coko and eLife confirm support for the future of PubSweet

The Coko team is thrilled to continue a series of announcements highlighting the growth of the community’s sustainability.

eLife, one of the original founding members of the PubSweet community, have agreed to join Hindawi in contributing funding toward the sustainability of Coko and PubSweet. This is a tangible sign of the organization’s commitment to community led shared open infrastructure, as well as to the Coko community, and the spirit of innovation and collaboration that is alive and well within it.

“Right from the start, the PubSweet community has proven to be a productive way to help build our vision for an ecosystem of shared, interoperable infrastructure to support scholarly communications.” commented eLife Head of Technology Paul Shannon.

This marks the first time that eLife has made a contribution of this kind to Coko. They join a growing number of organizations that are contributing funds to ensure the sustainability of the code and community that make PubSweet possible.

“It’s an important moment because we see these organizations we’ve been working with as far back as 2017 contributing funding, which validates the work we’ve done together in the past and helps us all going forward,” commented Coko Founder Adam Hyde. “We could not be more proud of or happy about this contribution from our wonderful partners at eLife.”

eLife’s open-source submission and peer-review platform, Libero Reviewer, is built using software from the PubSweet community, and is part of the broader Libero suite of publishing tools. eLife is using Libero Reviewer in production and continuing to optimize and expand the tool’s capabilities, including preparing it for others to offer as a hosted solution, allowing the adoption by other organizations within the journal publishing space.

Learn more about Libero Reviewer.